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Naturally AWOL

Man, I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since my last post! Yikes! I’ve been swamped at work and sick on and off with a cold, thanks to my 17 month old son, Bryce. But of course through all this time, my hair has remained at the forefront. I was featured on curlynikki’s Show & Tell Fierce Friday a few weeks ago and found a pic of myself from my blog recently as I was googling for new hair style ideas. It was funny because I didn’t recognize myself from the thumbnail. I was like, wow, she has the same style as me, nice. LOL!

It’s growing–Bryce no longer has the longest hair in the house (well we also cut his down some 🙂 and I’ve been rocking blow outs, cornrows, frohawks, finger coils and more. Right now I have cornrows that costs me only $40 at a local African braiding salon, but came along with a 2-day headache, no matter how many times I asked the braider not to braid so tight. Oh well! I like them and they are done well, but let’s face it, I still have only a few inches of hair! So I just got it braided straight back. I feel a little ghetto and a little like Cleo. My friend, who has longer hair but gets the same braid style, said she often wears a lot of make up and or accessories with this style so she doesn’t look too ghetto or Cleo-ish (from Set it Off).

I haven’t really tried any new products lately. What’s the point? If what I have is working, then I keep with that. I did do a henna gloss treatment, thanks to my friend Kelley. She’s a new Henna addict! LOL! She did curlynikki’s henna gloss recipe and had some left over so she shared with me. I can’t really tell the difference on my self yet, other than that it colored my 2-3 greys, but it looks really good on her. She has lots of natural shine and her color is now a pretty reddish brown.

I got a long way to go still before I get out of TWA stage. Long way! And I’m really tired of searching TWA styles and coming across pics of chics with hair like 5-6″+ talking about they’re rocking a TWA! That’s misleading! When is it no longer a TWA? Anyways, I’ve really been missing my longer hair, but in due time–hopefully about 2 years–it’ll be nice and long again. I’ve been reading and hearing about a few baturals who actually have a texturizer. Funny because one of my friends got one recently after 7 years of being natural and said she absolutely loves it! Told me to get one and not to tell any body! Haha! Well I am NOT a natural hair natzi–so whatever works, works and to each her own. In the end, I just wanna be able to have a twist out or cornrows one week and then blow dry and flat iron it/wear it straight a few weeks later. There was nothing like my long straight hair to me, which I can have whether natural or not, in my opinion AND experience. I just want it healthy and thick.

Well time for bed. I will say, having the cornrows, whether plain or in a frohawk, is so easy to maintain and sleep on! I am not looking forward to having to re-twist my hair at night like my friends do with their natural sets. Hopefully someone will come up with a new routine by the time I cross that bridge! Toodles!

Some recent pics…


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