The Journey

Here are some photos, before and after the BC. While I didn’t BC because my hair was damaged, I will say that I loath thin long hair and that’s just what I had before I did my relaxed pixie cut. Thanks to my baby boy Bryce! I knew that your hair shed post-partum, but no one told me it would be like this! In a matter of DAYS, I went from having a nice full hairline and bouncy ponytail to not being able to even consider wearing a ponytail because my sides and temples were so thin. Thanks hormones! It did start growing back about a month later, but I was so blown! While the edges were the thinnest, I noticed that my hair all over was very thin from the shedding. The last 2 months, it had been shedding quickly and surely! At the same time, my hair was still growing longer. I was perplexed on what to do. In the end, as the pics show, I cut it off! Thought I’d be a cute hot mama! I was for a minute. A very hot minute! Then that pixie cut started growing back and it was just too hard to keep up. I went from relaxing every 3-4 months to every 4-6 weeks–sometimes doing “halo” retouches in between–to keep the style fresh. Just too much! After 4 months, I decided it, too, had to go. Hence the BC. The BC I should’ve done in the first place (before the pixie) when I had about 2 1/2″ of newgrowth (I hadn’t had a relaxer in 5 1/2 months). But oh well! It’s never too late, which leads me to where I am today!

Enjoy the stroll down memory lane (although I admit, seeing some of these pics made me wonder why in the world did I cut my hair!). But I know that the better days are yet to come!


Relaxed July 2008

Relaxed February 2007

Relaxed October 2008; Preggers too! 5 weeks

Relaxed November 2008; Preggers about 10 weeks. 1-2 days after doing a rod set.

Relaxed November 2008; Preggers about 10 weeks. My unintentional faux natural! 6-7 days after doing a rod set. Also about 3 months since last relaxer.

Relaxed November 2008; Preggers about 10 weeks. My unintentional faux natural! 6-7 days after doing a rod set. Also about 3 months since last relaxer.

Relaxed--Freshly! December 2008, about 15 weeks preggers BTW! Sorry for all the skin!

Relaxed Februrary 2009

Relaxed March 2008; Damn I miss these ponytails!

Relaxed April 2009, 34 weeks! Just had a relaxer and good trim. With my first natural BFF!

OK, have I even posted one pic that doesn’t have me with that part down the middle of my hair! As you can see, I was a plain consistent jane! No drifting from the norm for me! I hope to get over that with the versatility that natural curls and hair present.

June 2008, My wash 'n go! after the baby! Still relaxed though...about 2 months since last relaxer.

Relaxed, July 2009. Can't even see the newgrowth cuz it's so smoove! LOL! Still nice and full long ponytail.


July 2009 Wash n go!

Relaxed needing a retouch July 2009!

August 2009 Old School french braids! My summer staple #2 post baby!

I got a relaxer finally! 4 months after the last one! August 2009

August 2009, before all hell broke lose (ie massive shedding postpartum!)

October 2009...Disappearing edges...and length! I neglected to get a trim for about 4 months, so I got several inches cut and added some layers.

October 2009...Disappearing edges...

Jesus! This is just days later from the pic above.

Just gone!

Bryce was losing his pretty hair too!

October 2009; covering up those missing edges! Still no retouch though. Considering "transitioning..."

November 2009; long and thin. Gots ta go!

December 2009. It started growing back and it was safe to wear a ponytail again, but I started really hating it at this point. Not a good thing!

December 2009

Uh oh!

January 2009. The first "BC" relaxed pixie cut. 5 months of unintentional transitioning down the drain.

I learned to work it thanks to some YouTube videos!

Febuary 2009

May 2009, another faux natural. Wanted to see how it would look since I was contemplating the BC. I did a teeny rod set. Took too long though! Trial and Error!

The Big Chop! May 12, 2010

May 13, 2010, First Day out with my new do!

Bryce now has the longest hair in the house! But not for long hopefully!

Cut #2 to get the rest of the permed ends out. About 8 days after initial BC

Morning after cut #2 and sleeping with it tied down with satin scarf. Don't get sea sick from all them waves now!

Morning after cut #2 and sleeping with it tied down with satin scarf. Don't get sea sick from all them waves now!

Just shy of 2 weeks. I was bored and started twisting it. Looks like beady bees though! LOL!

Almost 2 weeks, the back. Curls coming!

3 weeks in! Used Polish & Shine

4 weeks in! Used Kinky Kurly stuff here (today!)

ABout 5 weeks in.

About 5 weeks in. Went out "dolled up" with the girls! I know it doesn't look like it, but this is my "made up" look! LOL!

Look at the natual curls! Not much product in this day. About 6 weeks post BC.

7 Weeks. Combed out TWA. I don't like or feel comfortable with this look at all. I only did it to see what it would look like.

Almost 8 weeks. We're getting there.

Almost 8 weeks.

Some recent pics….it’s been a while, so I don’t have dates or time frames exactly post BC.

First cornrows with twists

yeah I finally got enough hair to braid! This is from about 3 months post BC/

My first frohawk. I LOVED IT! Almost 4 month mark here.

Love this side view/profile!

This is about 5 1/2 months post BC. I blew it out.

Ok, so I went to the African braiding shop and got these done. Had a headache for 2 days! Done day after afro pics above (about 5 1/2 months post BC)

Cornrows from the top

Front view

Back of my latest Frohawk. Happy 6-month natural anniversary to me!

Top view

Lady wears the blues and rocks the side swoop frohawk!