The purpose of this blog is to be a  place of inspiration and information for women I know–and others I look forward to meeting– share stories, hair routines, other resources and inspiration, product reviews, upload photos and show their beautiful natural hair.

After recently doing the “big chop” I discovered that a few of my other friends were also going natural. Some did the BC and others transitioned. But the common theme–for most–was not that they did it because they wanted to make a statement, or go back to their ancestral roots, or for political reasons, or so they could “discover” who they really were behind their hair, or even because their relaxed hair was damaged or unhealthy. Most of us did it just because we wanted to! Because we wanted something new. Different. Natural. One thing is for sure–it was not because we wanted to spend less time, energy or thoughts on our hair. Because that has not changed. I am quickly learning that you have to spend almost even more time caring for your natural hair than you ever did before for your chemically treated hair–albeit you don’t have to spend all day Saturday at the beauty shop or call in sick just to get your hair did. You may still spend all day Saturday on it, but it would probably be at home, in between watching a movie and twisting your hair, or just staring at it in the mirror hoping, wishing your curls will come in or it will grow faster. But whatever your reason or decision, my hope is that this blog will encourage, support and educate you on caring for and loving your natural hair. And trust me, I didn’t plan for this to be a “hair journey” for me, as so many natural sistahs call it. But indeed, that is what it is turning out to be!


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