Who does your hair?!

Just came from one of my fav retailers, Target, and a woman with long beautifully colored locks starred, stopped and asked ME who does my hair. She said she saw me shopping and was looking, and that later a cashier commented to her about my hair (being nice). I was so flattered! We held a quick convo, telling our natural hair stories (abbreviated versions of course) then parted ways. I love having these types of pow wows with sistah strangers! It’s like when I first had the baby and strangers would stop me. A) it reminds me of the humanity in folks and that there’s still that common good thread of motherhood, sisterhood, etc in people. And B) who wouldn’t want to get a nice compliment every now and then!

So who does my hair you ask? Well, this time it was moi! Of course I’d prefer that my friend Simone did it, but she’s preggers and busy these days. So I went back to my tried and true 2-strand flat twists (since I can’t cornrow) from my relaxed days and it worked! Even on my TWA! Of course there was trial and error! Initially I didn’t like how I parted it, as the twist were in a downward direction/straight back and my frohawks usuallyhave braids going upwards. So after spending like 2 hours on it, I figured out what I did wrong and started the flat twists over again. 2 hours later and it was cool enough to go outside!

I’ve gotten a few compliments and one of my friends even wants me to do her hair! Wow! Just wait until I really figure out what I’m doing! I may be able to make a few dollars on the side if I get really good! For now, I’ll just practice!

Here’s so pics of how it turned out. It’s 2-strand flat twists, and I did a twist out on the center/loose section.


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