What now?

I haven’t written anything in a few weeks, but trust me–it’s not because my hair hasn’t been on my mind! It’s been growing pretty well, and I’m using the same 2-3 products (Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner for co-washes and either Kinkly Kurly Curling Custard or Polish & Shine Curling Mouse, and sometimes the KK Knot Today leave-in-conditioner). They work well for me so far, although it’s hard to have nice “second-day” hair with any of them. But every now and then, I won’t wet or co-wash, I just wear it as it is and keep it moving. I imagine that, eventually, I will really need to have good second-day hair products and routines. I’m always reading about other naturals having challenges with this. Maybe the mystery will be solved by the time I get a few more inches.

So right now I feel like I’m at the in-between stage. I still have a TWA, but not so teeny anymore–perhaps just tiny. It’s not long enough to wear a headband (whether it’s tight and curly from products or I pick it out to a true afro). But I also detest that whole headband and true TWA look. Forgive me, but that makes me think of the militant, Angela Davis, “Fight the Power” look, which is none of who I am. But I do love headbands with the wild curl or twist type look, like my coworker rocks, or a nice-size true afro, like my other girlfriend rocks with flower power! I love their looks and locks and can’t wait until I get at least another 3-4 inches (which probably won’t be for another 6 months).

So what now? Summer will be over before you know it and I’m old school–I don’t walk out the house with wet hair or skin in the fall/winter time. I know I can’t catch a cold from that (yes, yes, colds are viruses transferred by germs/human contact, yadda, yadda, BUT going out with wet hair, etc. can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to those pesky germs that cause viruses). But I just aint feeling it. Especially with the KK products, which REQUIRE you to put them on soaking wet hair (they need a better system than that).

So I’m on my hunt to find some nice styles for TAs (tine afros). If you have ideas, post a comment or send pics or links to naturaljustbecause In the meantime, here are my recent pics and some inspiration I found online for a style I hope to be able to achieve very soon! I looked and looked and couldn’t find too many that look somewhat achievable within the next few months.

PS. I have on a strapless shirt in these pics, although it doesn’t look like it! LOL!

Credit: Naturally_Nai, http://www.afroglitz.com/Naturally_Nai/ Her eyebrows are FIERCE!


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