Shadra’s hair story

I’ve been natural for almost two years now. My head is rather large so I was afraid of doing the big chop. Instead I grew my relaxer out in a ponytail. Every morning I wet my hair and brushed it down with Carol’s Daughter’s Healthy Hair Butter. I loved the smell of it and how much it moisturized and tamed my hair without it being too greasy. After the first year I cut the relaxer out and rocked my curls for all the world (a.k.a. Brooklyn) to see! My routine is still the same, I wet it in the mornings and used Healthy Hair Butter to moisturize. Eventually I began trying other products. I found “Mixed Chicks” leave-in conditioner and have been in love ever since. Most days I’ll just pat out the excess water drop in some Mixed Chicks and go. Now in my second 1/2 year of being natural I twist it in larger ponytails and let it set a little before shaking out the curls. My hair is sooooo much healthier now than when I was perming it. It’s the longest I have ever seen it and my ends are rarely split and broken. Plus, I am so much more liberated. I don’t have to worry about sweating my hair out when I workout. I don’t have to worry about what my hair will do in the rain and Georgia humidity. And I don’t spend nearly as much money on my hair as I did when I had to keep it permed every four months. I detangle once every week or two.

I am so grateful to Motown Girl, Curly Chronicles (youtube), and Urbancurlz for their commitment to offering great hair advice and inspiration and to the streets of Brooklyn, where natural hair care and styling is taken to a whole new level.


shadra strickland



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3 responses to “Shadra’s hair story

  1. Brianna

    CONGRATS! You are the first to officially write a post! Thanks so much Shadra! I REALLY wish I knew more about transitioning and the rewards of it and natural hair about a year ago. And about all the chics on YouTube!! Once I hade the baby, all I wore were ponytails and 2 old school french braids. I would’ve been good to transition that way for a while had I known more. Oh well! Such is life! I’m curious to see where this TWA will lead!

    My friend Carolyn recently tried Mixed Chics; not sure what though. I’ll have to start a product review section!

    Thanks again! I LOVE the pics too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nikkele

    I’m with you on the Healthy Hair Butter. I can’t live without it. My friend just bought the Mixed Chicks conditioner and she’s become addicted. As for the freedom that comes with natural hair, there’s nothing like it. Absolutely nothing!

  3. Anytime Brianna, I’m glad to be able to contribute~

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