Rockin’ My TWA with an LA (lil attitude)!

Friday was my first time out with the girls, I believe, since having the baby! Wedding receptions and family gatherings don’t count! It was also my first time out–foreal foreal–with my TWA (teeny weeny afro). And I’m proud to say I rocked it with a lil attitude–just a lil! As a new mom, I will admit I’m often conscious of my looks, particularly my body and hair. Part of the reason I cut it in the first place (the first time) is because I didn’t want to be a plain jane or start “looking” like Bryce’s mom.

So it felt good to get a little cute and dolled up this past Friday to have sips and dips and the best dang on bbq beef cheeseburger I’ve ever had with my girls Keetra, Fiona and Heather–all of whom are “naturals” too! But I got a long way to go to catch up with them. (None of them started with a TWA either! LOL!) I remember Curly Nikki asking a question on her blog like “Now that you have a TWA, do you feel the need to get dolled up more?” I do feel that way sometimes. But I’m starting to get over it more and more 🙂



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3 responses to “Rockin’ My TWA with an LA (lil attitude)!

  1. Teresa

    Oh how funny your girl asked you about getting dolled up more because I feel that 100%. My cuz said to me, “rockin that cut you have to make sure you play up your eyes.” This is the 4th time that I have gone natural and short (thinking this may be my signature look for a while) and I put more efforts into my appearance than ever before. I don’t know if it does because of my profession and position that I feel a need to always look the part or if it’s a thing about looking as feminine as possible. Whatever it is, subconsciously, I focus on it. Your pics are great and you look stunning. Rock your TWA!…=)

    • mechett

      Thanks Teresa! You look good, too! I saw you walking down Broad Street yesterday after work. I started to whistle at you rocking your new “signature” TWA! 🙂 LOL!

      I can’t believe you’ve gone natural 4 times! You MUST write a post about that–why you did it, why you stopped, how you got to where you are now with it, etc. Pretty Please!? 🙂 Some days I do feel like I need to make sure my curls look fresh and that I have on at least some lip gloss and mascara (which is all I ever wear). But I also, sometimes, feel weird about wearing my glasses–the first month, I only wore my contacts and almost always had on my retro shades–and about wearing my faux diamond stud earrings vs some fancy or big hoop earrings. Even with the earrings, I am careful not to wear anything to different from what I used to because boho chic or bohemian or those real and cute earthy looks are not my thing. I get tired of people saying “Hey Erikah Badu!” to me–and I have a few other friends who get that same comment often. As if there aren’t other natural celebs out there to compare us all too! LOL!

      Send me some pics to post of you soon!

  2. Nikkele

    I’ve definitely stepped up my earring wardrobe since going natural. The right earrings will jazz an afro right on up. The longer my hair grows the less of a need I have to go the extra extra extra mile but definitely when I had the teeny weeny I had to pay more attention.

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