“If you can eat it then you can wear it”

I just had to turn part of Teresa’s comment into a post today 🙂 Thanks Teresa!

She writes:

As I embrace my very short cut (the shortest I have ever gone) I am constantly in search for products to manage the softness and shine.  I typically only apply olive oil, which from talking to a natural hairstylist at Odunde, is the best thing to use.  She advised anything from the earth is good to use, “if you can eat it then you can wear it”  was her exact phrasing.  And to think about it, it makes perfect sense.

As you search for products keep in mind, they don’t have to take all your money to be good for your hair. You are not chemically treated anymore so the additives in products to help maintain chemically treated hair is not an issue now.  Look for products that enhances the natural nutrients your body already provides your hair.

I love that: if you can eat it, you can wear it! It’s funny  because I was talking to my girl Aaliyah, who form what I can see is natural from head to toe–inside and out, just this week about her “secret” hair recipes. When I first asked her what she uses, she said she makes everything herself (hint: be on the lookout for products or samples from Aaliyah’s Kitchen, which is the brand name I have given her! gotta claim it!). She makes the stuff for both her hair and her daughters’ hair. She also said Olive oil for moisture. Said mix some jojoba and coconut oil with it and it will be all that. She agrees; it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, or even a fingernail! LOL! She said to always check the ingredients, too, to ensure that it’s 100% pure oil, too. I thought the selection at Whole Foods was cool, but on the recommendation of my girls, I’m going to go my neighborhood beauty supply to compare prices and ingredients. I may decide to try out my own hair recipes! If I do, I will keep you posted!


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